• Support mast is motorized with up/down height
  • Mast supports 2-section adjustable monitor arm
  • Monitor arm has counter-balanced height adjustment
  • Mast supports adjustable keyboard tray arm
  • Padded wrap-around keyboard tray
  • Integrates the ErgoQuest ZGC-4 chair
  • Motorized backrest, seat, and legrest angles
  • Reclines to zero gravity position
  • Also reclines to fully flat position
  • Memory foam pad with cotton/poly cover 
  • Support for up to (2) two 27" monitors
  • 2 side tables are included
  • Custom-sized to user body dimensions
  • Chair is included with the workstation
  • Adjustable copy stand / laptop tray optional
  • Meets reasonable accommodation requirements
  • Computer and monitors not included in list price.


The new ZGW-0b adds several new features to the classic ZGW-0 including:

1.  A three-motor recliner that allows motorized angle adjustment of the backrest as well as the seat and legrest.  This allows for a full range of position options from fully upright to zero gravity to fully flat - even to sub-supine!

2.  A motorized height mast that lifts and lowers the monitor arm and keyboard tray arm.  This makes it much better able to support a standing work position and allows for easy position adjustments as well as making it easy to get in and out of the chair.

Zero Gravity Workstation 0b